Why Lettuce?

Romaine Lettuce

“The cancer danger in smoking is primarily in the tar.” – Dr. George E. Moore

Vegans and smokers looking for a less harmful smoking experience are advised to smoke SuperLeaf lettuce wraps.

According to Dr. George E. Moore, head of the Roswell Park Memorial institute and a cancer expert, smoking lettuce is found to be far less harmful than tobacco tars. Dr. Moore stated that “The cancer danger in smoking is primarily in the tar. This had been established by experiments on animals.” Clinical trials have now shown the short term and long term effects on smoking lettuce-wrapped cigarettes were much less harmful when compared to tobacco.

SuperLeaf, the only lettuce wrap in today’s market does not contain ANY CHEMICALS and absolutely NO GMOs or ADDITIVES!

Thanks to MMCG Florida (www.mmcg.biz) new clinical trials are being conducted to determine the cancer and pain reducing properties when inhaling medicinal flower in natural lettuce wraps. Results from these future clinical trials will be published on our website, so please check this page periodically.

Below are independent case studies from decades of research. Click on each study to view or download. If you would like to participate in future clinical trials or receive further information on this important subject, please complete the form below and we will contact you soon.

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