SuperLeaf All-Natural Lettuce Wraps

All-Natural, SuperLeaf

The World’s First Lettuce Blunt Wrap

SuperLeaf™ is created from all natural non-GMO lettuce and is a hybrid between rolling papers, cigar leaves, and a blunt wrap. Absolutely no chemicals are used in the hand-made organic process used to create SuperLeaf™. The end product is a superior leaf that has no taste, no odor, and is the slowest burning wrap/ paper on the market. All types of lettuce used are legal to cultivate, buy, possess, and distribute without a license or prescription. SuperLeaf is also manufactured in the US (South Florida), and works directly with independent farmers from Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, and California.

Our Story

SuperLeaf was discovered over 20 years ago by SL founder Junior Pierre. As a young boy Junior discovered the lettuce leaf in a garbage can after one of his father’s homemade remedies was unsuccessful. Junior began using vegetable paper for science experiments in school, which led him to study the work of Dr. Puzant Torigian (president of the Safer Smokes Corporation and Bravo cigarettes), the developer of safer cigarettes primarily using lettuce leaf instead of tobacco for cigarettes. Growing up in Brooklyn in a predominantly West Indian and Rastafarian community, Junior was advised by many of his peers and elders to focus on perfecting his product because it will be one of the greatest achievements of his life. Unlike Dr. Torigian, Junior decided not to use chemicals and instead developed an organic method to create vegetable paper. After many years of trial and error, Junior perfected the proprietary methods to mass produce a high quality, premium lettuce wrap that has no taste, no odor, no GMOs, and uses no chemicals. The resulting product – SuperLeaf™ – is truly unlike any rolling paper, hemp paper, cigar or blunt wrap ever created.

Super Smooth and Burns Super Slow

Our finished product comes in a variety of shapes and sizes that can be used to roll a cigarette, cigar, or modern day blunt (spliff)! SuperLeaf™ looks and feels like a hybrid between a rolling paper and a natural tobacco leaf but it does not dry out like traditional tobacco leaves. It has a thin, crisp texture and a slightly sticky surface, which makes it easy to roll. Our lettuce blunt wraps have a clean, delightful taste that allows the smoker to truly savor the flavor of what they have rolled – and the leaf stays lit throughout the entire smoking experience. Our exclusive “slow burning formula” leaves very little ash and assures an extremely low migration rate, helping smokers preserve expensive cigarettes such as in legal medicinal marijuana or other smoking materials.

The Proof is in the Puffing, and these are the main reasons why smokers love SuperLeaf:
  • No Taste
  • No Odor
  • Slowest Burn
  • Easy to Roll
  • 5 Beautiful colors of leaf
  • All- Natural & non-GMO
  • No Chemicals or Additives

All-Natural & Non-Tobacco Blunt Wrap

From conception, SuperLeaf™ was created to offer smokers a non-tobacco, chemical-free vegetable wrap to be used as a superior alternative to rolling paper, tobacco wraps, and cigar blunts. The wrap is a pure, natural leaf refined through a process which uses absolutely no chemicals or additives. The process was originally discovered 20 years ago, since then over ten years of extensive research have gone into the development of SuperLeaf™. Click here to review case studies and independent medical research on Why Lettuce is a healthier smoking option.